Rake Up the Leaves: 4 Fall Home Maintenance Essentials

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Take a walk outside, and you’ll see hues of red, purple, yellow and orange. While these autumn leaves are pretty to observe, you may find them littering your yard.

Below, we share tips to tackle the task of cleaning up leaves simply with four essential items for fall home maintenance. 

1. Gather Leaves: Lawn Rakes 

To gather leaves, you’ll need a rake with prongs that fan out in a triangle. Unsure if you have the right rake for the job? Bob Vila does a great job explaining rake types and uses here.

Storage Tip: Rakes are best stored upside down. Hang yours on a dedicated storage rack or across two hooks or prongs.

2. Blast Leaves Away: Leaf Blowers 

Those with large yards may want to invest in a leaf blower to save time on cleanup. Electric or gas-powered, leaf blowers project air out of their nozzles with powerful force. The air pushes leaves up, over and out of the way for piles that stack up fast.

Storage Tip: Because of their odd shape, leaf blowers can easily fall over if propped up in a corner of your garage. To prevent tipping, keep yours off the floor in its own custom-built rack or hang it horizontally by the handle.

3. Clean Gutters: Sturdy Steps and Ladders

Leaves left unattended in your gutter can put your home at serious risk for foundation damage. To avoid, invest in a ladder that allows you to check your gutters for debris on a regular basis.

Storage Tip: Hang ladders off the floor and on their side with heavy duty brackets or hooks.

4. Throw Away, Recycle or Compost: Thick Garage Bags

Collect leaves for removal in sturdy and thick garbage bags.

Storage Tip: Store garbage bags in a dedicated place in your garage, such as a shelf, box or bin for easy retrieval.

How do you keep your yard and home clean when the leaves fall? Share with us in the comment section below. 

Image Source: mksfly under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 Generic


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