Seasonal Storage: Swap Out Summer Items to Maximize Garage Space

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Garage Organization for Winter StorageThe summer months seem to always fly. As we turn the bend from summer to fall, it becomes more important to start planning for the items you’ll need to easily access in the cooler months. Even if you’re not ready to swap out your lawn mower for snow blower quite yet, have a plan ready to lessen your storage worries.

Consider how self storage may be an option to make room for cars and winter equipment in your garage by swapping out the following summer items, and keeping them in a storage unit.

Summer Furniture

Deck, patio and porch furniture pieces not only take up a lot of space, but they’re also large and awkward to store. In Northeast Ohio, wind, rain and snow can also damage these sometimes-expensive pieces during the off-season. Because you probably won’t need to access them until the following spring or summer, outdoor furniture is a great candidate for off-site climate-controlled self storage. Consider:

  • Dining sets or bar stools
  • Pool chairs and chaises
  • Seating cushions and pillows
  • Overhead umbrellas
  • Odds and ends (tiki torches, outdoor décor, fire pits and grilling supplies)

Recreational Water Equipment

If you lack of storage space onsite, a storage unit can provide the space needed for larger recreational items only used during summer months. As an added bonus, you can keep many of these items in a unit year-round if your facility has easy access to hit the open water during the summer months.

  • Boats
  • Jet skis
  • Canoes or kayaks
  • Inner tubes
  • Water skis

Pool Supplies

Backyard pools are a summer staple, and are usually ready to be prepped for colder weather come September. Pools require a lot of maintenance and equipment. Once you’re ready to shut down for the summer, save garage space by keeping the following in a unit:

  • Maintenance supplies (chemicals, brushes, vacuums)
  • Cleaners, pumps, filters and heaters
  • Steps and ladders
  • Slides and diving boards
  • Extra covers
  • Safety equipment, floats and other toys

Cool Down

A storage unit is a simple solution for those seasonal-only items that take up valuable garage real estate. Make the proper arrangements early for your summer belongings—you’ll head into the cooler months stress-free, allowing you to focus on your family and friends.

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