Security Features in Self Storage

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Protecting your items from theft is important to you, and thus, should be of the highest priority to your storage provider.

Before selecting a provider, be sure to sit down with the facility manager to discuss their security equipment and procedures. While it may seem that lighting, locks and other features are all the same, there are important differentiating factors that add layers of security above the standard requirements. 

Security Features Overview

Here is an overview of essential security features:Electronic Pass-Code Entry Gate

  1. Perimeter fencing, which helps to prevent individuals who are not employees or tenants from entering the property.
  2. Lighting throughout the entire facility. Tenants should never have to enter their units in the dark.
  3. Electronic pass-code entry gates, to ensure that no one other than tenants and facility employees can enter the facility.
  4. 24-hour video surveillance, to help management monitor activity throughout the facility, and address any security concerns immediately.
  5. Recessed cylinder locks on unit doors, which are much harder to cut and can help to prevent theft.

In addition, some facilities may offer door alarms in individual units. This feature activates an alarm and, in many cases, will automatically call the local police department if the door is tampered with. This premium feature is the optimum method of preventing theft to your storage unit, especially during weekends and after hours.

Finally, be sure that a manager conducts regular facility walkthroughs, placing careful attention to individual units in addition to overall safety and security. Managers can notify tenants of any security concerns at their units, or even get in touch with customers if they accidentally forget to lock their unit or leave belongings behind.

Comprehensive security can help differentiate self-storage facilities, and help you select a provider you can trust. When a facility puts an emphasis on security, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are secure, and that you personally will be safe when visiting your unit.

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Have you worked with a storage facility that offers any of the security features mentioned above? Tell us how security impacted your self-storage experience.

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