How to Select a Storage Unit Size

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Security Self Storage Unit SizesIt can be difficult to determine what size storage unit you will need by just looking at some boxes or furniture. Whether you’re storing boxes of documents or a large vehicle, it’s important to select a storage unit that provides enough space to organize your belongings to your liking, as well as additional room to move around and add items in the future.

While everyone packs differently, use the following unit size examples as a guide:

1. Small Walk-in Closet

Typically measuring at or around 5x5 (all unit measurements in feet), this storage unit is perfect for small furniture items, seasonal clothing, several boxes and other miscellaneous items. This unit size would also be appropriate for a small- to medium-sized trailer.

2. Large Walk-in Closet

Ranging in sizes from 5x10 to 7.5x10, a storage unit similar to a large walk-in closet can accommodate furniture, such as a bed frame, mattress set and chest of drawers, as well as boxes and miscellaneous items from a large room or one-bedroom apartment.

If you need slightly more space, consider a 10x10 or 10x15 storage unit, which is comparable to about half the size of a standard one-car garage. These units can fit items from a two-bedroom apartment, or up to an 18-foot truck.

3. One-Car Garage

If you’re moving out of a two-bedroom house, you might choose either a 10x20 or 10x25 unit to store your items. Comparable to a one-car garage, a unit this size can fit furniture, appliances and other miscellaneous items from all rooms. A 22-foot truck would also fit in this class of storage units.

If you’re moving out of a three-bedroom house with additional furniture and belongings, consider a slightly larger unit, such as a 10x30 or 12x30. These units can also accommodate larger vehicles, such as boats and RVs.

4. Two-Car Garage

Furniture and items from larger homes with three to five bedrooms, plus living rooms, a kitchen and basement, would be best suited in a 20x20 unit, equivalent to a standard two-car garage.

Ceiling Height

While length and width of your unit are important, you should also consider the height, which can add significant storage space to your unit. Cubic feet (length x width x height) is the most accurate representation of available space, as cartons, boxes and other sturdy items can be stacked on top of each other to maximize space.

Your Storage Strategy

Storage capacity is directly affected by how tightly each box, appliance, furniture item or vehicle is placed within your unit. Be sure to select a unit that is representative of the types of items you plan to store, and the method in which you prefer to store them. Regardless of your packing style, be sure to catalog your items as you place them in the unit so you can easily retrieve them later.

And, don’t forget to select a climate-controlled storage unit if you plan to store any electronics, paper, fabric or wood items to prevent discoloration, odors and warping.

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