Self Storage for Cleveland Real Estate Agents

Self Storage for Cleveland Real Estate AgentsFor real estate agents to capitalize on home buyer opportunities, it’s important to always be prepared for showings and open houses. By incorporating self storage into the staging process, and as part of your overall business plan, you can stay organized and offer clients the tools they need to properly position their homes for sale.

Reducing Clutter With Storage

As an agent, you want the properties you represent to sell quickly and at the highest price possible. In most cases, the condition of the existing home, including organization, positioning of furniture and cleanliness, is a top contributor to a buyer’s perception.

Encourage your customers to eliminate clutter and remove bulky items to help rooms appear larger and more inviting to potential buyers. Store these items in a self storage unit while not in use, which will give sellers an alternative to throwing valuable items away, with the convenience of anytime access to their belongings.

In addition, the variety of storage unit sizes, from a closet-sized unit to a large, garage-sized unit, will give your clients the flexibility to select a unit that meets their needs and budget.

Adding Personality With Staging

A few finishing touches can sometimes make all the difference in closing a sale. Have staging supplies handy for when a home needs spruced up. These items might include:

  • Bright throw pillows
  • Candles
  • Artificial flower arrangements
  • Vases
  • Frames and pictures
  • Lawn and garden decorations

Keep staging supplies safe and organized offsite in a self storage unit in lieu of taking up space in your home or office between listings. Self storage will provide the space and flexibility you need, and your clients will appreciate the added value you bring.

“Housekeeping” Details

Signs, flyers, marketing supplies and client paperwork can pile up fast depending on your current number of listings. Like staging supplies, these materials can quickly take up unnecessary space in your home or office.

Organize these materials in your self storage unit using a system that works for you. By storing marketing materials and paperwork along with your staging supplies, you’ll have easy access to everything you need for your next listing, open house or sale. The added benefit of climate-control will give you piece of mind that your materials will not yellow or break down from moisture or temperature fluctuations.

Convenience for Busy Schedules

Since real estate agents tend to have busy schedules and travel between homes and around the city or state, self storage provides the ability to store frequently used items in a central location. By choosing a storage facility close to your home or office, with convenient access hours, you will have optimum flexibility for those last-minute showings, open houses and meetings.

Take advantage of the convenience, flexibility and value-added features of self storage to help make your real estate business successful, and the selling process positive for your customers.

Image source: Diana Parkhouse

Are you a Cleveland-area real estate agent? Contact Security Self Storage for information on how to make self storage part of your selling strategy.

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