School’s Out for the Summer: Self Storage for College Students

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With dorms closing and apartment leases ending for the school year, Cleveland-area university students will find themselves with clothing, furniture, linens and electronics that may not fit into mom and dad’s house during summer break.

Student Self Storage

Self storage offers college students a variety of options for storing their dorm or apartment belongings, with programs that can work with any student’s budget.

When selecting a summer storage provider, students should consider the following factors:

  1. Moving Truck – Ask potential providers if they give you courtesy use their moving truck for moving in and moving out. If not, renting a moving van or truck will be an additional expense.
  2. Student Discounts – Many facilities will offer a student discount, or a pay-in-full discount for those that are able to pay their contract in full in advance. These types of discounts can help students offset the cost of self storage.
  3. Climate Control – Since most students store furniture, clothing and electronics, it is crucial that your self-storage provider offer climate control. Even for short periods of time, such as summer breaks, the condition of your belongings can be impacted by drastic changes in temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled storage can help prevent damage. 

Storage During the School Year

Self storage can also benefit students while school is in session. Those who lack space in their on- or off-campus residence might find themselves requiring self storage to use as an additional walk-in closet, or for general storage.

In addition, self storage can be a great option for students participating in study abroad programs, who might be temporarily subletting their residence.

Convenience Matters

Above all else, self storage gives students a convenient way to hold onto their school belongings when not in use, and without having to leave them in potentially unsecure areas all summer.

Some students may opt to store their belongings to help reduce clutter at home during the summer; others who do not reside in the city where they attend school may store their items in lieu of traveling home and back with them each year. In either situation, self storage provides a safe, secure, reliable and cost-effective way for students to manage their personal belongings throughout the different phases of their collegiate careers.

If you or your child is a student at Case Western Reserve University, John Carroll University, Cleveland State University, Baldwin-Wallace College, Notre Dame College, Ursuline College, or any other college or university in the greater Cleveland area, contact Security Self Storage to learn about discounts that apply to students, and to discuss the storage options that best fit your needs. 

Are you a student utilizing self storage during the school year or summer break? Tell us how self storage has helped you manage your belongings.  

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