Self Storage for Condos and Apartments

Apartment StorageCondo owners and apartment renters can reap many benefits of living in small, exclusive communities. Swimming pools, exercise facilities, playgrounds and more are frequently nice perks that come with monthly rents and condo fees.

However, apartments, condos and even townhomes are often not equipped with adequate closet and/or storage space to keep seasonal clothing, decorations, extra furniture and other items that are not used on a daily basis. As a result, residences can become easily cluttered or unorganized.

Apartment Storage vs. Self Storage

In lieu of selling or throwing away valuable items due to lack of space, apartment and condo owners can consider working with a self-storage facility to store their valuables for both short-term and extended time periods. 

Those with a lack of closet or storage space should consider the following factors:

  1. Storage Costs – Many apartment or condo complexes charge a hefty monthly fee for onsite storage closets or units. Compare their costs to that of a self-storage facility. You might be surprised to find that a storage facility’s costs are much less.
  2. Space Requirements – Many communities offer a standard storage unit. If you require a larger or smaller space, consider looking outside of your residence where storage units can be selected at a size that meets your specific needs.
  3. Climate Control – Even if your community offers storage units for a reasonable price, consider the type of items you’re storing. If you are storing clothing, electronics, furniture or documents, which can be impacted by environmental conditions, consider a climate-controlled unit at a self-storage facility to maintain the quality of your belongings.

Additional Storage Considerations

Young professionals, especially, often require extensive space to store both business and casual clothing. When an apartment or condo lacks the closet space, renting a small climate-controlled storage unit can act as an extra, year-round walk-in closet.

In addition, apartment and condominium complexes sometimes restrict the use of motorcycles or other specialty vehicles on the premises due to noise or size. Self-storage facilities can offer both outdoor vehicle storage as well as indoor heated storage for this purpose, with convenient access at the times you want to ride.

Whether you are a new apartment renter, or an established condo owner, lack of closet or storage space is a common issue. Fortunately, modern self storage can accommodate a wide variety of needs, items and budgets, and can help to make your residence more organized and spacious.

Are you an apartment renter or condo owner that uses offsite self storage? How has your decision impacted the organization of your residence? Would you recommend self storage to other apartment or condo tenants? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Carol's avatar
    | Permalink
    I really had trouble with the small space I had when I moved into an apartment. I'm glad that the apartment I lived in had a storage place, like a locker at school where you can keep some of your stuff. You should really be careful in what you put in the storage, like things that don't do well in cold or hot temperatures, because somethings are not constant and are not predictable.
  2. Dariza's avatar
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    I also lived in a small space apartment and indeed storage is very essential. At first, it was difficult to adjust because i had a lot of dress and girl stuff. Later on i get used to it and managed to fit all my stuff in my tiny space.

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