Self Storage Solutions for Temporary Job Relocation

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Self Storage for Temporary Job RelocationWith the recent rise in temporary employment, more people are relocating to different cities to find work. A temporary position can last from a couple of months to several years, sometimes even ending in permanent employment. The uncertainty, though, can sometimes make for a difficult moving situation.

Self storage is an excellent option for people who are relocating for a temporary position. Depending on the length of the job, you can choose to safely store your belongings as long as you need, while bringing only the necessities along with you.

If you’re in the market for a temp job, consider keeping the following items at a self storage facility so you can focus on your move, and more importantly, your new position.

1. Clothing

Depending on type of job, location, and how long you’ll be gone, certain clothing items may not be necessary to bring. Think about things like:

  • Length of time you’ll be gone
  • Climate of the region to which you’re going
  • Seasons you will / won’t encounter
  • Type of environment you’ll be working in / dress code

Pack clothes, outerwear and accessories based on these factors. Then, use airtight plastic bins to store the rest in a climate-controlled storage unit.

2. Furniture

You may or may not need to bring your current furnishings with you when relocating. Before you decide to pack everything in the moving truck, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will my new house / apartment be furnished?
  • Will it be cheaper to move my existing furniture, or store it at home?
  • Will I have roommate(s) who will share the living space?
  • Do I have any heirlooms or antiques that would be better left unmoved?

Once you’ve figured out the best arrangement for the items, prep and protect each item from damage.

3. Vehicles

There are a number of scenarios involving your vehicle when it comes to relocation. Most people would choose to drive their cars to their new city, but other times, it can be out of the question (whether cost- or distance-related).

During your planning process, if you think that it would not be safe or cost-effective or time-efficient to take your car with you, consider storing it at a storage facility. You can ensure that your vehicle will stay safe while not in use for an extended period of time. Also, be sure to prep your vehicle before storing to maximize its performance.

Keep Calm When Moving On

It can be an exciting adventure moving to another city, especially when it involves starting a new job. When it comes to the moving process, take some weight off of your shoulders, and entrust your belongings to a reliable, local self storage facility. By reducing the added stresses of moving, you’ll also gain peace of mind so you can focus on your career.

Have you used self storage when relocating for a temporary position? Share your experiences with us!


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