Self Storage for Winter Items

Winter Snow Blower StorageThe arrival of warmer weather calls for a number of changes around your house, including setting up patio furniture, getting out the grill and reorganizing your wardrobe. If you don’t have ample space in your garage, basement or closets, you can benefit from using a self storage facility to store seasonal items such as snow equipment, holiday decorations and winter clothing.

When you begin the packing and storage process this season, consider these tips to properly store your seasonal items:

Snow Equipment

After the snow’s officially out of sight, you’ll want to clear out some garage space for your spring and summer essentials like grills, pool and patio necessities, garden equipment and bikes. Think about winter items that may be taking up valuable space in your garage that you’ll most likely never need to use in the warmer months. Ski or snowboard equipment, sleds and inner tubes, snow shovels and snow blowers are all great candidates for self storage. And, with proper storage preparation and a climate-controlled unit, your items will stay rust-free and ready for the next snow.

Winter Wardrobes

It’s time to pack up the bulky sweaters, corduroys and long sleeve shirts to make room for your spring and summer apparel. We’ve all experienced taking out a sweater from storage only to find that moths have eaten it up, or that it smells of mildew. The best solution to keep your clothes safe from damage is to store clothing in a climate-controlled area like a storage unit. By doing so, you’ll prevent issues related to mold or mildew, and keep your items ready for the upcoming winter. For added freshness, consider placing a dryer sheet in between individual items, or stacks of items.

Holiday Décor

In a previous post, we gave some tips to properly pack away and organize holiday decorations. Similarly to packing clothes, use plastic bins or tubs to ensure that your items remain undamaged. Cardboard boxes can be crushed in the process, and are susceptible to breaking down in damp conditions like basements.

Once you have everything packed up, consider freeing up some additional space at your home, and stash away holiday décor in a storage unit. Since these items are usually only brought out for a few weeks each year, you’ll keep unneeded boxes out of sight for a more organized home, and have easy access to items when needed.

Start the Season Off Right

Since you’re only using winter items for a few months each year, you’ll benefit from more organized and roomy spaces in your home during the warmer months. It’s important to take preventative steps to properly pack and organize items you’ve invested in. And, by utilizing a storage facility with climate-controlled units, you’ll help ensure your winter items are protected for the following season.

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