Shed Storage: Solutions for Wooden Outdoor Furniture

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outdoor furniture itemsThroughout spring and summer, wooden outdoor furniture can be a huge value- and character-add to your home’s décor.

Placed on a patio or deck, items that allow your family to spend quality time together in the fresh air and sunshine can be a huge perk. 

However, wooden furniture also brings its own storage challenges. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your furniture is protected and safe for years to come.

Dust and Clean Before You Store

Give your furniture its best chance at protection from the start. Dust and clean both your pieces and their new storage home (e.g. deck, garage).

For the best outcome, know material types and clean according to any special needs. Different woods and materials require special cleaning regimens, particularly if they have a signature finish. 

  • Oil: Research from Michigan State University suggests avoiding furniture polish or wax, in favor of an oil and white vinegar-based solution.
  • Lacquer: Read label instructions and possibly avoid using water, oil or other treatments with this one, which can damage the sensitive finish. Simply dust with a dry cloth for on-going upkeep.
  • Paint: Clean with a damp cloth. Opt for cleaning with non-abrasive materials, which can scratch the paint off of the wood.

Over time, what can seem like small leaks, dust specs or other debris can turn into large-scale wear-and-tear to your favorite pieces. Read labels, do a little research, and prepare specialized cleaning plans for each outdoor item. 

Pro tip: Test your cleansers on a small area of the piece before committing to the mixture at a large scale. You want to make sure the mix you create will have the desired impact before causing accidental damage.

Finish For An Added Layer of Protection 

Weather proof and protect your wooden furniture with an added layer of sealant. In particular, water sealants can be useful to protect against spring rain and winter snowfall. As with cleaning, pay close attention to material type and special needs.

Before you seal, make sure the piece is completely clean to avoid dust and dirt participles becoming trapped on the surface.

Prepare for Anything

Seasonal weather is always hard to predict. One year’s mild season can give way to rough conditions in the next. Prepare items for all conditions they might experience—excess heat, severe cold and/or moisture. By covering your bases, you can ensure your furniture will remain intact. 

Consider Climate-Controlled Solutions 

If this all seems like a lot of prep work, upkeep and maintenance, it very well could be—particularly if your location has a lot of seasonal variability.

For a hassle-free alternative, consider climate-controlled self-storage units, which put you in full control of climate conditions. By setting your storage unit to the best climate for your items, you can rest assured that they will be ready when you need them, without fear of unforeseen storm or weather damage.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear from Beth, a long time Security Self Storage customer, as she talks about her experience with self-storage for her patio furniture and other outdoor items.

What’s your favorite piece of outdoor furniture? Share in the comment section below.

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