Simplify Your Move—Free Valet to Your Storage Unit

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Let’s be honest, we all dread moving! But with free valet service from Security Self Storage, transferring select items to your self-storage facility can be simplified, making your life, and your move, a little bit easier.

Oh, What a Process

Consider all steps involved in moving items to storage. Getting your items from point A to point B can require you to:

  1. Gather your items.
  2. Organize your items.
  3. Acquire boxes, markers to label, and packing materials.
  4. Prepare your items to be boxed with packing materials.
  5. Box your items.
  6. Label your items.
  7. Rent a moving truck (or find a car or truck that can hold all of your stuff to store).
  8. Load the vehicle.
  9. Drive the vehicle to your storage unit.
  10. Unload at your storage unit.
  11. Organize the items in your storage unit.
  12. Return your moving vehicle.

And one of the biggest headaches, and inconveniences, is dealing with the moving truck. However, with Security Self Store, you may not have to anymore.

Let Us Help

Unique to Security Self Storage, we offer our moving truck to you, free of charge. To our knowledge, we are the only local self storage company that currently provides this service. There will be no costs associated with:

  • Gas
  • Mileage
  • Security deposits
  • Insurance

On a first come, first serve basis, we will drive the truck straight from our facility to your front door. We will then wait while you load, and drive it back to your unit for you.

It’s just our way to say thanks for being a customer with us! Call us at 440-684-9393 for additional details.

What is your least favorite part of the moving process? Let us know in the comment section below!


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