Sold! How to Stage Your Home to Sell It Fast

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home for salePreparing to sell your home can be a stressful time. Cleaning, organizing, rearranging—it can require a lot of time and effort. For some homeowners, it comes down to two factors:

  1. Do we buy new furniture?
  2. Should we spend the money to repair what we already have? 

Staging to sell your home might require a combination of both. Below are ways that you can improve each room in your home to make a favorable first impression with potential buyers. 


Buyers don’t want to look at a dirty or outdated bathroom. Luckily, there are simple ways you can clean it up: 

  • Eliminate surface mold. An easy technique is to add one-part bleach to ten-parts water. Spray on the affected areas, and wipe away.
  • Refresh the walls. Apply a fresh coat of paint to ensure your walls don’t show water damage or peeled paint.
  • Shower doors. Sometimes shower doors can get water build up and look pretty unattractive. Clean with a homemade, all-natural cleaner.


The bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and comfort. Set up your room so that potential buyers can see themselves living in it.

  • Add a headboard to your bed. This will both draw attention to the bed and tie the room together.
  • Appeal to both sexes. Get rid of your gender-specific pieces in favor of neutral colors.
  • Remove distracting or unnecessary furniture to keep your room simple and help buyers imagine what they can do to it.
  • Depersonalize the room. A great place to store excess furniture and personal items in the meantime is a self-storage unit.


The kitchen can be one of the most expensive rooms to update. However, there are simple ways to get the look you want without the cost. Instead of installing new cabinets, paint or stain them. And don’t buy stainless steel appliances if your current appliances are in good shape. Instead, apply a stainless steel stick-on-covering. 

However, sometimes a paint job or a stick-on won’t cut it. If your cabinets and appliances do need to be replaced, you might need to invest in new ones prior to showing your home. Spending a little money on these updates will impress potential owners and allow you to make more money in the end. It is a win-win situation.

Living Room 

One of the first rooms your buyer will look at is your living room. People typically look at shape, size and space. There are several ways to stage your living room properly to give buyers a better idea of what their living room could look like:

  • Clean the fireplace.
  • Group your furniture to show area space and present a family environment.
  • Make your built-in cabinets stand out by filling them with accent pieces and not just clutter.
  • Revive hardwood floors with a sander and stain them a rich color.

Outdoor Areas

The outside of your home is what will attract buyers. Make it shine! Start with the front of the house. A garden of flowers brings color, and bushes can offer privacy from the main road.

Out back, perk up your patio or deck by furnishing it for entertaining. This is a simple technique that a lot of buyers appreciate.

Lastly, focus on your front door. Paint it a bold color (like red). This is where your buyers will enter your home so you want it to be presentable and up-to-date. 

Other Rooms

If you have spare rooms, show your buyers that these rooms can have purpose. Build an at-home office or create a spare bedroom. Put the right furniture in it to set the scene.

And don’t forget about your closets! Potential buyers will open your closets to see how big they are. Make sure closets are organized and not just storage for unnecessary clutter. 

Overall Home 

Throughout your entire home, there are a couple additional things you can do to help potential buyers see the true value of your home. Consider the following as you tidy up:

  • Accessorize tastefully.
  • Get rid of messes.
  • Keep furniture proportional to the room.
  • Minimize art and decorations.
  • Open windows and install good lighting.
  • Paint walls a neural color, and add a pop of color with furniture and accessories.
  • Rearrange to create more space.
  • Remember, less is more.
  • Scrub and deodorize your entire home.

Take the right steps to stage your home without breaking the bank. Use these affordable techniques to ensure your home is ready to wow potential buyers.

How are you preparing your home for potential buyers? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Mark Moz under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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