Spring Cleaning: Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

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sunshine in a clean space depicting evidence of spring cleaning successWith the sporadic snowstorms and blizzard-like conditions Cleveland has experienced lately, it is hard to believe that spring is here. But as we move into April, warmer temperatures are in the forecast. (We can already hear the crowd and fireworks at this Friday’s Cleveland Indians’ home opener—can you?)

As the grass turns greener and blooms begin to sprout, take a closer look inward at your home. Is it time for some spring cleaning? Below, we offer a few tips to form a plan, clean out, reorganize and reassess for spring.

Create Your Spring-Cleaning Plan

Spring is the perfect excuse to give your home a deep clean. After all, spring’s sunshine-filled days expose dirt and dust much easier than winter’s cloudy ones. Depending on the size of your home, this task can seem massive.

Consider the following to make spring-cleaning a breeze:

  • Keep needed cleaning items on hand. Must-haves include: window, kitchen, bathroom and floor cleaners, powerful bleach cleansers, scrub brushes, paper towels, mops, brooms and vacuums.
  • Make a cleaning schedule. Break what could be a one really large assignment into multiple smaller ones. Create a schedule that assigns tasks to a specific day, time and family member. Tackle spring-cleaning together as a team over a few days instead of as a solo mission completed all at once.
  • Prioritize and tackle room by room. Know which rooms are most critical and consider cleaning those first. Clean one room in its entirety, and then move on to the next until all rooms are in tip-top shape.

Clean Out the Clutter

Take a walk through your home with a fresh set of eyes. As the snow piled up outside, did items seem to pile up inside? Look for instances of unnecessary clutter. Which items do you wish to reallocate elsewhere? Remove unneeded or unwanted items from your rooms, and make piles to keep, self-store and throw away.

Reorganize and Reassess Your Rooms

With clutter out of the way, consider each room’s full potential. Does the space still suit you, or is it time for a change? Spring’s rebirth and reawakening period can be the perfect time to bring out your creative energy, and rethink room concepts:

  • Could the room use a new splash of color?
  • Is your organization adequate?
  • Could items benefit from better groupings or additional shelves?
  • Could items in the room be simply re-arranged for a different flow or vibe?
  • Does every item have a set place or our items simply scattered wherever?

Take a moment to reconsider and turn rooms into exactly what you need for the months ahead.

What are you most looking forward to this spring? Share with us in the comment section below.

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