Stock Up for the Winter Blast: Winter Weather Home Essentials

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winter snowSnowflakes, a cool crispness in the air and warm ovens—these are just a few signs that winter is here in full force. Need a list of what you’ll want to keep on hand this season? We have you covered below.

Prepare for Unexpected Snowstorms

From the occasional flurry to a foot of snow, tackle any amount of snowfall:

  • Car snowbrushes (At least one per car)
  • Snow shovels
  • Snow blower

Get Ready to Break the Ice

When it accumulates, ice is dangerous on roads and walkways. Pick up the following to prevent your sidewalks and streets from becoming unintended ice rinks:

  • Bags of rock salt (Get more than you think you’ll need!)
  • Blowtorch for the worst-case scenario (Only apply against non-flammable materials.)
  • Ice pick or chisel

Brace Yourself for the Wind

As wind gusts at rapid rates and high speeds, you and your home may need extra layers of protection. Invest in:

  • A chainsaw (To cut down broken tree limbs before they fall)
  • Duct tape (Should torn away vinyl siding need temporarily re-secured)
  • Ladders (To investigate damage from strong winds)
  • Scarves (To cover your face)
  • Thick plastic wrap (To close up drafty or broken windows)
  • Wind-resistant coats and jackets
  • Wind-resistant gloves

Assemble Heavy Clothing

Cold temperatures mean it is prime time to layer up! This means updating your wardrobe with a few winter classics, including:

  • Non-skid boots (Built with traction to avoid slips, trips and falls)
  • Thick hats
  • Thick socks
  • Warm sweaters

Plan To Make Winter Cozy

Then, you have the items that make the season special and moments sparkle! While not necessarily essentials, the following add a signature cozy spin to the season:

  • Winter scented candles
  • Holiday decorations
  • Hot chocolate (And lots of it! With fluffy marshmallows on top!)
  • Blankets (Lots of blankets.)

Stock Up on the Good Stuff

Whichever items you decide to stock up on, we hope you enjoy the season to the fullest, and that it is brimming with laughter, smiles and time spent with loved ones.

What items are you stocking up on this winter? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Tatiana Bulyonkova under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic


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