Storage Solutions for Old Files and Hardware as Your Business Moves to the Cloud

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filing cabinet for archived papers and historical company dataTechnology has transformed our lives. How we keep in touch with friends and family, shop for household essentials and even run businesses has rapidly evolved. 

Specifically, businesses must cater to ultra-connected online audiences who demand anytime, anywhere access to information and products, and adopt technology solutions that allow more competitive operations. For many, this means making the move to cloud computing, which lowers the need for on-site physical storage of documents and hardware, in favor of digital records and wireless solutions. 

Below, we share a few items that your business can consider storing to make more office space as your company upgrades its technology. 

Hard Copies of Archived Files 

Client records, employee files, tax filings and product figures are a just a few of the many documents companies historically keep on file. Commonly, the need to retain the these documents results in a room full of boxes carefully collected and cataloged to keep items in order for future need. 

As these records become electronic, older paper files can be stored off-site in dedicated document storage or a climate-controlled units for reference only when you need them. The storage room can then be put to new use.

Cords and Excess Wires

Desktop computers and telephones once left your team members chained to their desks. Now, you find yourself in the presence of a mobile workforce—employees who can pick up their computers and work from anywhere.

Wireless access eliminates the immediate need for spare extension cords and plugged-in accessories. While still good to have a few on hand, it’s a safe bet that you can store most off-site for use as needed.

Old Hardware and Parts

While new technology may mean a period of “out with the old and in with the new,” this does not necessarily mean that the old has no use. Hardware parts can easily be recycled for use in newer products.

Consider breaking down hardware into smaller parts, keeping motherboards, batteries, disk drives and more on hand in climate-controlled storage. You never know when a part could see new life in the next greatest gizmo. 

Which items no longer need a physical presence in your office space because of new technology? We’d love to hear in the comment section below. 

Image Source: Mark Crossfield under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 2.0 Generic


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    Thanks a lot for this article! As the technologies go further into the future it is very hard to keep my business contemporary, so I want to thank to the people who write such articles! Regards!
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