Just Married? Storage Tips for Newlyweds (Part 2 of 2)

Self Storage for NewlywedsIn part 1 of our series on self storage for engaged and newlywed couples, we addressed some of important considerations for engaged couples who are faced with space restrictions as a result of gifts given at bridal showers and engagement parties.

As husband and wife, you combine finances, living space and belongings. In some cases, the bride and groom might be condensing two independent homes into one, including furniture, electronics, clothing and more. This can lead to duplicate items and clutter.

Because you want your home to be organized and representative of your fresh start as a couple, it is important to consider what you each are bringing to the table, what you want to keep, donate or throw away, and what might be best to keep in storage for the time being.

Storage Considerations for Newlywed Couples

When deciding how to organize your combined belongings, consider the following:

  1. How many rooms do we need to furnish? If you don’t have enough space for both of your sets of living room furniture, bedroom furniture or other furniture items, but do not want to sell or throw away your investments, self storage can provide a safe home for your furniture until you are ready to upsize your residence.
  2. Do we have enough closet space? Combining two closets into one can be challenging, requiring some couples to rotate seasonal clothing throughout the year. In lieu of keeping your clothes that are not in use in an attic or basement, where humidity changes can lead to a musty smell, consider renting a small, climate-controlled storage unit. These smaller units can act as a convenient, second walk-in closet for your unused seasonal clothes.
  3. How do we want to decorate? Deciding how to decorate your home is personal, and it should reflect your combined taste. In many cases you might be able to mix and match your individual items to create a new look. But, if not, it is perfectly acceptable to keep wall art, lamps, throw pillows, vases and more in a storage unit until you need them. Keep in mind that anything paper or fabric based should be kept in a climate-controlled unit to help maintain the original condition.

Happily Ever After

Engagement and marriage brings about a whole new set of challenges and excitement for couples. With proper planning, and the right organization and storage program in place, combining households can be a fun, stress-free milestone for couples.


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Are you a newlywed? Or, have a new roommate? What system worked best for combining your belongings? Share your advice below.

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