Storage Tips for Vacation Property Owners

Storage Tips for Vacation Property OwnersVacation homes and condominiums can be a great investment for individuals or families who enjoy frequent travel. Especially in Northeast Ohio, owning a property at a nearby lake or river can help residents capitalize on the typically too-short summer season, as well as provide extra income through rentals.
A vacation property requires owners to provide furniture and a variety of supplies to make the home or condo functional, and to ensure that guests feel at home. However, many vacation properties are not equipped with substantial storage space, making it difficult to keep all of the items needed onsite year-round. In addition, some belongings may not be well suited for use by renters, and are best tucked away when the property is in use by others.

Maximize Space at Your Vacation Home

When faced with the challenge of storage space and privacy, consider using a self storage unit to ensure your items are protected. Following are common items used at a vacation property that are top candidates for self storage:

Recreational Water Equipment

Many families that own property near a river or lake invest in recreational water equipment, such as boats, jet skis, canoes, inner tubes and water skis. Whether there is simply a lack of storage space onsite, or you wish to keep equipment tucked away when renters are occupying the property, a storage unit or outdoor storage can provide the space needed for these kinds of items, with easy access when you’re ready to hit the open water.

Seasonal Furniture

Weather can impact what you should keep at your location, and what you should store. In Northeast Ohio, wind, rain and snow during the off-season can damage outdoor patio or deck furniture.
Consider storing these items indoors and in a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid rust or other physical damage to the pieces. Climate-controlled storage also helps to prevent chair cushions and umbrellas from developing a musty smell due to moisture over the winter months.

Extra Supplies

If you’re not at the property year-round, or wish to keep your cabinet and closet space from getting cluttered, you might consider storing pool or grilling supplies, cleaning products, toiletries and outdoor decorations like tiki torches or firepits offsite.
You may also consider storing valuable personal items, such as electronics, in a storage unit to help ensure that items remain safe and intact when you’re away from the property.

Keep Worries At Bay

While the availability of your own personal items is an added benefit of a vacation property, it’s important that the proper steps are taken to keep belongings protected year-round. Using a storage facility for water sports equipment, supplies and furniture can help give you the peace of mind to relax, even when you’re not vacationing.
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Do you own or rent a vacation property? How do you keep your belongings safe?


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