How to Store Your Back-To-School Essentials

School SuppliesYour kids are now back in school (or will be this week), and you’ve survived the back-to-school shopping season. You’re stocked up on supplies to last the school year…or until the teacher sends home another list.

While you sent your kids off with a book bag full of supplies, you probably have another stash at home to use for homework or replenishments. Here are some fun ways to store those supplies to save space, while keeping them accessible and organized.

Jars, Cans and Other Containers

You’ve spent enough money on the supplies themselves. Save yourself some cash on storage by repurposing containers, such as mason jars, soup cans, paint cans and buckets. These are perfect for loose pens, pencils, markers, crayons, etc.

Decorating Containers

Involve your kids, and make it a family project to decorate the containers. Here are a few options: 

  • Paint: You can paint the entire container or designs onto it.
  • Chalkboard: Did you know you can buy chalkboard paint? Paint the containers, and then use chalk to decorate them. Every few weeks, erase and change your design. You can also buy chalkboard labels to track of what’s in each container.
  • Contact paper: Wrap your containers in contact paper. You can let that be the decoration itself, or add your own spin with crayons or markers.

Storing Containers

Now that you have your containers decorated and filled, here are some creative ideas for storage:

  • Lazy Susan: Glue your containers to a Lazy Susan for an easy way to access supplies. Kids love things that spin!
  • Cupcake holders: Do you have a cupcake stand that you only use once or twice a year? Use it as a school supply holder for the rest of the year.
  • Baskets/caddies: Baskets or portable caddies are perfect for holding containers.
  • Milk crates: Most grocery stores are more than happy to give you these for free if you ask. Plus, they are stackable to help save on space.

Repurpose Household Storage Items

Here are a few household storage items that can easily shift from their original use to school supply storage:

  • Hanging pocket shoe organizer: The pockets on these organizers actually work better for storing school supplies than they do shoes.
  • Bucket jockey: You may have one of these in your home for tools, but it also works wonderfully for school supplies. The jockey folds over the sides of a bucket, providing pockets for your supplies.
  • Silverware holders: These are an easy, convenient way to separate and store pens, markers, crayons, paint brushes, etc.
  • Drawer storage cabinet: These small drawers make organizing your supplies easy. Label each drawer so you always know what goes where.

Do you have other creative ways to store your school supplies? We’d love to hear them. Tell us in the comments below!

Image Source: Nick Amoscato under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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