Three Benefits of Self Storage for Boat & RV Owners

Self Storage for Boat and RV OwnersIf you own a boat or an RV, chances are they’ve become part of your summer routine. Whether it’s a day out on Lake Erie or a weekend road trip, these recreational vehicles add fun to summer.

While they offer many benefits, RVs and boat owners must also address the vehicle’s storage, safety, accessibility and maintenance.

Self storage provides a comprehensive solution to these issues and allows you more time to enjoy your summertime recreational activities, without the added stress.

Benefit #1: Prevent Vehicle Damage or Theft

As owners know, recreational vehicles and boats are a costly investment. For this reason, security is a top priority, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve in a garage or driveway.

Most self-storage facilities use layered, premium security—a combination of electronic pass-code entry systems, security cameras, fencing, unit alarms and on-duty management personnel to keep both you and your property safe.

In addition, storing your vehicle indoors helps to protect against environmental elements that can cause rust or other damage to your boat or RV.

Tip: Inquire about the security elements the facility has to offer first, to ensure you choose one with all of your requirements.

Benefit #2: Free Up Space at Home

Larger vehicles, such as RVs and boats, require significant storage space that the average person does not have available in his or her garage, yard or driveway. By utilizing a storage facility that offers vehicle-sized storage units, you’ll not only free up space at home, but you will have the added benefit of extra space in your unit for tools, equipment and accessories.

Tip: Be sure to confirm the dimensions of your storage unit before agreeing to a size. Most small boats and RVs store well in a unit 300 square feet.

Benefit #3: Convenient and Affordable Access

While some boat owners might prefer marina storage, that convenience comes with a hefty price tag. In addition, many communities enforce ordinances that will not permit RVs or boats to be visible in front or side yard areas—and are usually accompanied by a violation and fine.

A local self storage facility can save you money in the long run, and many have convenient locations that are close to accessible waterways or highways.

Tip: Ask a facility manager about locations that are close to recreational areas. Renting storage space nearby water and/or campgrounds can offer optimum convenience at the right price.

Store for More Summer Fun

There are many added benefits to leasing storage space for your RV or boat that will help to outweigh some of the inherent challenges. Whether you spend time on the water or the open road, by choosing a storage unit that best accommodates your summertime activities, you can put more energy into the fun, and less into the logistics.

Do you store your RV or boat at a storage unit? What aspect is most important for you?

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