Tips to Declutter Your Home for Holiday Gatherings

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The holidays often mean fun-filled gatherings with family, friends and coworkers. Prep before your next holiday bash with these cleaning and decoration tips.

Organize Key Areas of Your Home

Hosting a holiday party is a great excuse to get your home in tiptop shape. To start, focus on the areas of your home guests will reside in most (e.g. dining room, living room, kitchen). Next, work your way to areas that matter a little less (e.g. bedrooms). When preparing rooms, consider:

  • Entryways/doorways. Keep areas clear of clutter, so your guests have easy access to your home. Assign a designated area for shoes and other personal belongings, such as purses or coats, so guests aren’t tripping or feeling overwhelmed in the doorway.
  • Living room or basement. Since these rooms are central hangout spots, keep them as spacious and cozy as possible. Ensure there is enough seating for people to relax and enjoy themselves.
  • Dining room. Set tables with necessary glassware, utensils and placemats/napkins. This provides convenience for your guests as dinner is being served and adds a nice touch to the atmosphere. 
  • Bathrooms. Set out fresh hand towels, a new roll of toilet paper and plenty of soap. For an extra kick, consider lighting a holiday-scented candle!
  • Kitchen. Make food and beverages easy to access. The kitchen can get crazy as food is prepared, so the less people interfering, the better!
  • Guest bedroom. For guests who need to stay overnight, prepare a guest bedroom with fresh sheets, and plenty of pillows and blankets!

Don’t forget to sprinkle your favorite holiday decorations around your house to spread cheer and spirit.

Utilize a Self-Storage Unit for Excess Belongings

As you clean and organize your home, you may find items that don’t belong. If this is the case, consider storing them temporarily in a self-storage unit to ensure a clutter-free home. Some items to consider storing, include:

  • Excess holiday décor. Store items from other holidays (e.g. Halloween or Fourth of July) or decorations for the current holiday that don’t have a home.
  • Chairs, couches and tables. As you bring in temporary tables and chairs, you may not have enough room for everyday household furniture.
  • Coats or winter gear. Clean out your coat closets for your guests! Make room for their winter gear by storing your extras in storage.

How do you prepare for holiday parties? Share in the comment section below!

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