Tips to Protect 3 Types of Outdoor Patio Furniture: Wicker, Wood and Metal

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Furniture items can both enhance empty outdoor space, and provide you and your loved ones with a place to sit and enjoy the company of the natural world.

Selection of these items is done carefully, keeping comfort, design tastes and material types top of mind.

Post purchase, correct care is crucial to make the furniture items you love today ones that you will still love tomorrow.

Below, we provide a few tips to care for your wicker, wood and metal furniture to protect and preserve them through the seasons for continued use year after year.


Left alone, wicker furniture can become worn, warped, cracked, or otherwise damaged over time. With these types of items, maintenance and appropriate storage is key to proper preservation.

Natural vs. Synthetic

As a first step, find out if your wicker furniture is made with natural or synthetic material. To help identify, most synthetic furniture will be made out of plastic, while natural wicker will come in the form of woven fiber.

Each type carries with it specific characteristics, which will guide you to your preservation plan.

While synthetic pieces can weather almost any storm, natural wicker furniture items are sensitive to sunlight and moisture, needing true climate control. In the off-season, you’ll want to protect natural items and bring them indoors. Store in a room with low sunlight and slight humidity, and keep completely protected from rain or snow.


In a previous post, we touched on a method to sustain indoor wooden objects, including furniture pieces.

Many of the same rules apply for your outdoor wooden furniture, including the need to clean and apply a protective finish in preparation for the months ahead.

As an extra precaution, apply a water sealant to your pieces as winter approaches to protect against the added moisture that will come with snowfall.


Metal mixed with moisture and natural air can be a nasty combination, forming rust. Because air and water are two elements prevalent in the outdoors, it is critical that you take the necessary steps to protect metallic outdoor furniture from the elements.

Take care to clean and seal with wood paste wax to prevent rust damage from occurring.

Consider a Seasonal Self-Storage Solution

In particular, patio and outdoor furniture are wonderful in spring and summer, but can be bothersome as the temperatures cool and snow approaches. Self-storage units can provide the extra space and controlled conditions you need to keep your items protected.

We asked repeat tenant Beth to share a few words on her storage experience with us. Beth has been a tenant with us for 10 years, storing her patio furniture and other outdoor furniture items annually.

Watch the video below to learn about Beth’s experience keeping her items locked away seasonally with us at Security Self Storage.

How do you protect and preserve your outdoor furniture? Let us know in the comment section below.


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    Such a nice post! Great tips for all homeowners!
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    Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I'm glad you found it helpful.
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    Great tips… As I am moving to another city and am so worried about my patio furniture because it was gifted by my Sister. AIso, I like your wonderful tips.

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