Top Tips to Stage Your Home

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Buyers aren’t looking to buy YOUR home, they’re looking to find THEIR home. The best way to help buyers envision themselves in the space long-term is by staging your home to look fresh, spacious and move-in ready.

Below, we narrow down the top tips to stage your home to sell.

1. Be Cautious of Color

Color sets a room’s tone. Keep walls neutral for an inviting and relaxing feel. Bold colors can be added in accents, such as throw pillows and floral arrangements, to liven up the space without overwhelming buyers. Any color should be easily removable, so buyers don’t see your taste as a potential project. 

When looking for a color, opt for bright over dark to make spaces appear larger. Lighting can also be used to brighten dark corners.

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2. Clear Out Clutter

Remove all knick-knacks and family photos. Uncluttered shelves make rooms look bigger and cleaner. Keep only a few of your favorite pieces displayed. Even these, however, should be general enough that buyers can imagine their belongings in their place.

Be careful, too, where you store items while staging. Typical hiding places, like closets, are now selling features for the home. Look into under-the-bed storage or storage units, as solutions to keep belongings out of sight.

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3. Give Every Room a Purpose

Stage each room with a clear purpose to help buyers envision how they could use the space. This can mean rearranging or adding new furniture to make an office, spare bedroom or recreational space, but it can also mean clearing out some of your belongings that confuse and distract buyers. Remove all unnecessary furniture and décor that don’t explicitly fit the room’s function.

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4. Balance Clean and Cozy

Buyers have a difficult time seeing past dirt and clutter. Deep cleaning your space helps buyers see your house’s beautiful bones. However, it’s okay to still show how livable the house is. Fluffy white robes, bath bombs and candles placed in the master bath are acceptable ways to help buyers see the home as comfortable. Toothpaste crusted on the bathroom faucet is not as charming.

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5. Don’t Ignore Your Exterior

First impressions matter, so take time to update the home’s exterior. A little landscaping goes a long way. Ensure your lawn is tame and bushes trimmed. If you have a lot of outdoor equipment, consider finding an easily accessible storage facility to keep your garage, shed or lawn clear from overcrowding. You want these spaces to appear as spacious as possible for potential home buyers.

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