Value-Added Perks of Self Storage

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Security Self Storage Moving TruckThere are a variety of benefits to using self-storage for your home or business, such as freeing up onsite space, improving organization and maintaining the quality of sensitive items with climate control. While these are all transparent reasons to use a storage unit, some facilities often offer additional perks that make using self storage even more beneficial.

If you’re considering a storage unit for extras either at a house or office, ask about special features or services that facilities offer for a less stressful move:

Complimentary Consultations

Cleaning, organizing and packing can be overwhelming tasks, and a deterrent for beginning the initial storage process. Many times, you’re not sure what needs to go and what you should keep, or what size storage unit you need to fit your things. Check with the manager of the facility you’re considering to see if they offer pre-moving consultation and space evaluations. This will give you the tools needed to help streamline the process and select the appropriate storage solutions.

Pick-up Service

If you don’t want to incur the hassle and added expense of renting a moving truck, find the facilities that offer a complimentary moving truck or pick-up service. Choosing a a facility that offers this bonus will minimize stress and save you valuable time and money.

Payment Options & Discounts

While some people prefer to make manual payments each month, it’s also nice to have the option of having your payments automatically charged to a credit card. With auto-pay, you won’t have to worry about late payments or sending in your payment each month. Ask your facility their payment options, and see what works best for you.

Also, be sure to inquire about storage discounts and incentives, such as active military, public safety or prepayment discount. This way, you can take advantage of great storage options at a great price.

Ask Your Storage Manager

It’s important to find a storage facility that meets your home or business needs, and the value-added services mentioned above can make the decision easy. To assist in this process, make a list of the different questions that you’d like to ask the facility manger before making a decision. Many times, you’ll likely find perks that will help simplify your move, and enhance you storage experience.

What perks or value-added services do you find helpful?


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