Why You Should Store With a Locally Owned Self-Storage Facility

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Locally Owned Storage FacilityAs with any purchase, your decision to self-store comes with choices.

Before you simply pick the first available facility, it’s important to research your options. Below, we explore why you should give preference to a locally owned facility over its nationally owned neighbor.

They Will Know The Property (And the Area)

Before you sign off to house your treasured items in the safety of another, you will have questions. These usually include:

  • What size units do you have available? (Or more commonly: I have X, Y, Z items to store – what storage unit size would you recommend?)
  • Where are you located? What local landmarks will I pass on the way to your facility?
  • What security features are in place to protect my items?

When you call facilities in the area to vet your options, ensure you’ll be storing with a facility that can speak directly to your needs and concerns.

At a nationally owned facility, there is a chance that the people that pick up the phone have never stepped foot on the facility grounds they represent. This means they’re going off a script, and may not know what the units they are selling actually look like.

In contrast, there’s a strong possibility that those manning the phones at locally owned facilities have not only seen the grounds, but are onsite.

While this difference might not seem like much at first, it can lead to a more personalized customer service experience—and that’s a big bonus! Trust in the information provided leads to increased peace of mind that items are secure.

They Have Greater Pride in Ownership

The employees of locally owned and operated self-storage facilities aren’t just colleagues—they’re family. Smaller businesses don’t rely on anyone but themselves to keep the business going, which means success is both earned and reliant upon their ability to do their jobs extremely well.

Attention to detail is a must to meet sales, and customer retention and loyalty is of the utmost importance. This translates to facilities that are always kept top notch, with clean units, landscaped grounds and friendly staff.

They Are Less Likely to Raise Rates

Nationally owned facilities have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees to answer to and a widespread list of real estate to manage. But that’s not all. Larger, nationally owned self-storage facilities also have to appease investors.

With a plethora of paychecks and promises to deliver on, your unit could just be the next sale to keep their numbers on track, which could translate to increased rates.

This is less prevalent when you store at locally owned facilities. These kinds of facilities aren’t looking to go global. They simply want to provide a service to the community right beside them, which keeps their focus on the best interests of what’s most important to their business bottom-line: you, the customer.

As you assess your options, keep in mind the trusted customer service experience you deserve. Select a facility that can speak to their units and the neighborhood they serve.

What keeps you coming back to a locally owned business or self-storage facility? Share with us in the comment section below.

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