Wine Glass Storage Options for Your At-Home Display

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wine glasses hangingBy the glass or by the bottle, a great wine is the perfect pair to a favorite meal or social gathering. 

No matter the type selected, bring out only the best notes from varietals with the right wine glass. To maintain optimal tasting temperature, larger mouth glasses are typically recommended for reds, whereas smaller mouth glasses are better for whites. 

With the need for multiple glass options for best taste, social wine connoisseurs can rack up quite the collection of stemware. What should you do with it all? We offer a few tips to stay organized.

Group by Glass Type

Red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne flutes and more—as previously mentioned, your collection will most likely contain a variety of glass types, particularly if you like to mix your drink options up.

Keep glass types together based on commonalities. First, group like with like, with identical glass types together. Then, consider grouping glasses by the wine type they’re paired with for quick recognition and reference when you’re ready to pour.

Hang Them Upside Down

Store your glasses upside down. Why? To keep dust out of your glass while it sits.

A variety of wine glass rack options are available to meet all style and décor preferences. Racks made of wood or wire, options that turn glasses into a chandelier—an option probably exists to suite your tastes. If not, get creative and crafty!

Make Glasses Part of the Overall Display

To avoid an overly cluttered appearance, think of your glass arrangement in terms of how it fits with your entire wine display, including: 

  • Wine Glasses
  • Wine Bottles
  • Wine Stoppers
  • Wine Charms for Stem Bases
  • Bottle Openers 

Think about each of these as part of a collective whole. Find a way to organize and group all in a logical manner that makes sense to you. Keep needed items within quick reach of each other for speedy process and presentation.

Need to Store Away? A Few Packing Tips to Keep Stemware Safe 

Should you wish or need to keep your glasses away, a few tips to pack with care:

  • Consider purchasing boxes specifically made to store wine glasses.
  • Never place boxes with glass at the bottom of a stack. Heavier boxes and unnecessary weight on top can put pressure on glass and glass stems, causing them to break.
  • Mark “FRAGILE: Glassware” on the box where it will be readily seen and noted.
  • Wrap the stem of the glass in paper or bubble wrap, and fill the inside of the glass with paper for additional support.
  • If storing in a traditional, open box, fill open spaces with packing peanuts or paper to fill in gaps.

In need of self-storage options for glasses and bottles? Our Westlake facility offers wine storage options for Northeast Ohio wine enthusiasts.

Image Source: Debbie Long under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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