Winter Self Storage in Cleveland

Winter Self StorageThe kids are back to school, the leaves are changing — summer is officially over.

Fall and winter weather conditions in Northeast Ohio notoriously include rain, snow, sleet, hail and heavy winds, which can damage vehicles and boats and other items that are often kept outside all year long. To help ensure that your investments are protected when not in use, you can consider offsite self storage, which offers secure, climate-controlled storage conditions for your boat, vehicle and other seasonal belongings.

Early fall is a great time to start evaluating self storage options for your upcoming winter storage. Many self storage facilities see an increase in storage demand as the winter months near, so it is important to plan ahead and secure a unit or space for your items in advance of when you’ll need it.

Winter Vehicle Storage

Whether you’re storing a classic car, luxury car, trailer or RV, there are a wide variety of storage unit sizes that can fit your vehicle. A climate-controlled storage unit provides you with a private area to store your vehicle that will also help to avoid any damage from harsh weather fluctuations.

Since your vehicle will not be in use for several months, it’s important to use a fuel stabilizer for partially full tanks to prevent the gasoline from breaking down.

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Winter Boat Storage

Not only do boats take up significant space, but some communities actually prohibit the storage of boats on residential properties.

Boats can be stored in an indoor or outdoor storage environment when the proper precautions are taken. When storing outdoors, be sure to have your boat shrink wrapped to avoid damage from fluctuating weather and moisture. If your budget allows, select indoor, climate-controlled storage to provide the maximum level of protection for your boat.

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Additional Seasonal Items Requiring Storage 

In addition to cars and boats, there are a number of other items typically used only during the spring, summer and early fall seasons, such as pool equipment, lawn mowers, and other yard and gardening tools. In lieu of taking up unnecessary space in your home garage, shed or attic, self storage allows you to clear out items not in use to help maximum space for the items you currently require. You can then swap out these items each season as you need them.

Until next year…

While it’s always sad to say “goodbye” to the warm months, fall and winter bring about their own fun family activities, such as Friday-night football games, trick-or-treating and sled riding. By making the proper arrangements for your summer belongings, you’ll head into the cooler months stress-free, allowing you to focus on your family and friends.

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