Business Storage

Self storage is not only a cost-effective solution to remove extra items from your home—it's ideal for businesses, too. Many business owners utilize our Solon facility to store excess inventory, dormant files, restaurant supplies, seasonal items and more. Business owners can also take advantage of our business conference center as a remote office or meeting area when they’re on the go.

As a business owner or manager, reap the financial benefits associated with utilizing self storage to reduce clutter and maximize available workspace.


Complimentary Conference Center

Our facility offers a complimentary business conference center, fully equipped with Wi-Fi, computer, printer, fax machine, phone access, 65-inch television monitor and laptop adapter to display presentations.

Additionally, we gladly accept deliveries during business hours from all major parcel carriers, including Amazon, on your behalf. The conference center is available free of charge to our tenants, and can be reserved for your convenience.

Climate-Controlled Document Storage

Long-term or permanent storage of physical files, such as tax and employment records, is a requirement in many industries. This paperwork can pile up over time. Self storage can free up space and eliminate clutter, while providing the ideal secured climate to store your important documents.  

Our premium security features give you peace of mind that even your most sensitive documents are properly protected. In addition, we offer climate-controlled storage units to keep your archived documents from discoloring or breaking down.  

Take advantage of our pick-up and delivery service—free of charge—to help you get started. While some document management providers charge by the crate, shelf or cubic foot, we charge a flat, monthly fee per storage unit, helping you control costs.

Excess Inventory Storage

Keep your business organized, manage internal processes, and control costs by storing extra and seasonal items with Security Self Storage. We offer units in a variety of sizes that can be used to accommodate seasonal furniture, holiday decorations, wine, supplies and extra inventory. In addition, we provide a free pick-up service to transport your items to our facility.

Time and Money-Saving Assistance

We offer the following value-added services to our business customers:

  • Free pick-up service. Take advantage of our free valet truck to transport your items with ease from your business to your storage unit.

  • Complementary space consultants. A knowledgeable team member who specializes in business storage will help evaluate your unique needs to ensure all your requirements are met.

  • Business space evaluations. This service is offered free of charge.

  • On-site delivery acceptance. We accept deliveries during business hours from all major parcel carriers on your behalf, including Amazon.

  • Leasing agents at your doorstep. We will bring the documentation to you so you never have to leave the office!

  • Automatic credit card payment option. Set up an online payment plan that automatically withdraws your monthly rental fee.

  • Discounts on long-term plans. The longer you rent, the better discounts you can receive. Work with a storage professional to detail your plan today.


How can self storage benefit your business?