4 Items to Protect from the Cold with Climate-Controlled Storage

4 Items to Protect from the Cold with Climate-Controlled Storage

Not all of your belongings are a match for winter’s mix of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Below, we share a few items that will need extra care to preserve against cold conditions. 

1. Batteries

Batteries operate based on an electric current passed between positive and negative terminals. This chemical reaction thrives in warmer temperatures. Out in the cold, the electrons that power the reaction move at a slower pace, which subsequently slows down the speed of the current and makes your batteries less powerful. 

As the temperature drops, batteries have to work twice as hard to run currents in everything from your electronic devices to your car. The optimal storage temperature for batteries is as close to 59 degrees Fahrenheit as possible.

2. Camera Equipment 

Winter provides beautiful snowy landscapes that are perfect for your seasonal pictures. Ensure you store your camera correctly for your photo shoot.

Cameras thrive on temperature consistency. If you move from the cold outdoors to a warm room afterward, condensation can build up on your lens, destroying your camera. 

Instead, store in a consistent environment that keeps your camera as close to room temperature at all times—65-75 degrees Fahrenheit at 20-80%—to play it safe. When you’re on the go, keep your camera safe, snug and warm in a camera bag.

For additional pointers and considerations specific to your camera model, please consult your camera’s purchasing manual. 

3. Electronic Devices

Cold weather and electronic devices don’t mix. In addition to battery issues, the chill can crack or damage the effectiveness of internal components, making the device inoperable. As with other item types, keep electronics at room temperature to protect.

4. Recreational Vehicles

Cars kept outside of your garage become subject to ice, snow and freezing temperatures. These aren’t exactly ideal conditions for your engine! The cold makes the engine work harder and oil thicker. It can even impact tire pressure.

If you don’t have room to pull your car into the garage, consider housing at room temperature in a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Protect with a Controlled Environment

Don’t leave your item’s condition up to chance. Maintain control of storage temperatures via climate-controlled units, and enjoy use for years to come.

For more on picking the perfect place to store for the season, read our post: What is a Climate-Controlled Unit? What Does It Look Like?

Which items will you protect from the cold this fall and winter? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Filip Bunkens via Unsplash

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