5 Ways To Store Summer Sports Equipment

5 Ways To Store Summer Sports Equipment

Kids love to play. Summer offers the perfect opportunity to participate in baseball, soccer, football and other outdoor sports. Most activities require some type of equipment, and this gear can add up quickly. 

Before your garage becomes cluttered with balls, rackets, shoes and more, take note of the following suggestions to store your summer sports equipment and keep items organized. 

1. Wall-to-Wall Storage

Use the walls of your garage to store equipment and toys, clear up floor space and allow everything to be visible. Here is what you might need to move items from the floor to the wall:

  • Ball claw

  • Bike rack

  • Bungee cords

  • Existing studs

  • Hooks

  • Metal or mesh baskets

  • Scrap lumber

A combination of these will give you everything you need to hang balls, bicycles, skateboards rackets and other miscellaneous pieces up on the wall. Get creative!

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2. A Bunch of Bins

Sometimes the best way to keep all of your sports equipment together is putting it in a big bucket. Gear is easy to get out and put away, which makes it a task all kids are capable of doing. There are many different types of bins you can use: totes, laundry baskets, barrels, plastic storage containers or mesh rolling bins. 

Here are a few tips on how to sort and store them:

  • Label the binThis can go two different ways. Either choose to keep all of the same sports equipment in one bin, or keep each of your kid’s toys in their own bin. Labeling is important to know where stored items are at a quick glance.

  • Choose a clear bin over a colored one. This decision will change the whole game. Not only do you have the label to help you quickly note what is in each bin, you can also see individual items at a glance. This helps kids easily find the toys they want without having to take everything out of the bin. 

Another benefit of the bins is you can easily switch out seasonal toys and equipment-everything is already packed and easy to move around. 

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3. Out of Sight In A Closet

Closets are an easy, free and convenient storage place. They are built to hold and contain your belongings while keeping them out of sight. Below are five ways to organize your sports equipment in a nearby closet, such as one in your game room or built-in garage addition:

  1. Install hooks, rods, bins and shelves. 

  2. Hand a basket on the inside of the closet door to hold awkwardly shaped items.

  3. Hooks in the back of the wall keep golf clubs and field hockey sticks off the ground.

  4. Lay a piece of wood across the floor to keep balls from rolling around.

  5. Use a clothes rack to hang jerseys and pinnies. 

Important storage closet reminder for sports equipment: Odors can become a problem fast. Keep an air freshener or backing soda at the bottom of the closet to absorb unwanted smells. 

4. Up, Up and Away (On the Ceiling)

Because the garage ceiling holds little functional purpose, consider hanging a few items from it. Follow a project from The Family Handyman, a home improvement site that offers tips for do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and repairs, to create a sliding storage system on the garage ceiling. This will allow you to store any width of bin. Related to the tip earlier, buy clear bins so you can see what is in them from below. 

A great item to store up top is fishing rods. Storing fishing rods on the ceiling keeps them safe and accessible. The best way to do this is with PVC pipes on wood. This DIY project is quick, easy and overall safer for your rods than alternative storage options.

5. Away From Other Seasonal Equipment

One of the easiest ways to create more space in your garage is to transfer out other seasonal toys and equipment. You probably won’t needs skis or sleds in the summer, so get them out of your garage and into storage.

If you have a shed, use this as a way to store off-season toys. If your shed is full or you don’t have one, consider renting a self-storage unit. There, you can keep your equipment safe and accessible until the weather changes.

No matter where or how you store your summer sports equipment, stay organized and label all items. This will benefit you in the long run, and ensure you’re always ready to play. 

Are there any other techniques you use to store your summer sports equipment? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Pixabay

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