How to Cover Furniture for Self-Storage

How to Cover Furniture for Self-Storage

There are many reasons you might decide to store your furniture. Perhaps your pieces no longer fit with your décor or you’ve downsized your space.

By utilizing a self-storage unit, you can welcome an alternative to keep these treasures as your own until you’re ready to use them again.

However, furniture requires special considerations to store correctly. This includes selecting the right furniture cover to keep dirt, dust and unwanted elements off the main fabric. Keep the below tips top of mind to best preserve your furniture.

1. Bubble Wrap Breakable Parts

Your furniture is composed of parts, and some are more fragile than others, such as brittle table legs, fragile bedposts and flimsy chair spindles. These parts require extra care to avoid unwelcome nicks, chips or scratches as you move the piece from your home to a self-storage unit. Additionally, wrap each part in sturdy bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection.

2. Avoid Plastic Covers

Thick plastic covers may initially seem like a great idea to cover your items, with their ability to repel away liquid spills, and seal out dirt and dust.

The downfall with plastic material is that it isn’t breathable—and your furniture needs to breathe! The plastic will suffocate your furniture’s natural materials, leading to condensation and damage.

In place of plastic, pick cotton covers, sheets or blankets, which give your items breathing room.

3. Pick Covers Made to Fit

Covers that are too tight will hurt the breathability of the piece, while covers that are too loose can leave room for dirt or dust to gather. Length is also an important consideration, as too long of covers can also create tripping hazards in your unit.

Home stores, like Bed Bath & BeyondPottery Barn and Kohls, sell custom-fit covers for a variety of furniture pieces, such as beds, couches and end tables. Do a little digging, and be sure to test the fit of the covers you select on their respective items.

Additional Tips to Store Furniture with Care

You will need to plan ahead to properly preserve furniture during its self storage stay. 

Give the following a read to better prepare pieces of all shapes, sizes and materials:

How do you prolong your furniture’s life for future use? Share with us in the comment section below.

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Image Credit:  Alexa Gorn via Unsplash

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