How You Could Benefit from a Small Self-Storage Unit

How You Could Benefit from a Small Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to accommodate diverse business and personal needs.

On the smaller end, self-storage units are comparable to the size of walk-in closets. Specifically, 5x5 and 5x10 units provide ample space for individuals who don’t have room to store smaller household items or seasonal knickknacks, but don’t require a larger unit. 

Below are several ways homeowners, students, renters and businesses can benefit from storing their belongings in a small storage unit. 

Self-Storage for Homeowners

Small items can create clutter in your house, which is why many homeowners store their belongings in garages, attics and basements when items are not in use. 

These spots however, are more prone to temperature fluctuations, causing flooding and humidity, which could easily damage your belongings. While some weather-resistant items may be able to withstand these conditions, homeowners can preserve valuable items and reduce clutter by utilizing a small, climate-controlled storage unit. 

A 5x5 self-storage unit can provide enough space to accommodate belongings, such as: 

  • Holiday decorations. String lights, wreaths or other items.

  • Home goods. Extra placemats, dishes and silverware.

  • Kitchen appliances. Small appliances, such as espresso machines or blenders.

  • Seasonal clothing. Sweaters, coats, bathing suits and shorts, depending on the season.

A 5x10 unit would be more suitable for slightly larger items, such as seasonal equipment and small furniture. Homeowners should utilize a 5x10 unit to store: 

  • Couches or futons.

  • Kitchen table and chairs.

  • Lawnmowers.

  • Snow blowers.

Self-Storage for College Students

Transporting possessions to and from school can be a hassle, especially if you live far away. Students can avoid costly and time-consuming moves by utilizing a small self-storage unit to safeguard items during breaks, such as:  

  • Desk lamps.

  • Mattress and bedding.

  • School supplies and textbooks (e.g., binders and folders).

  • Small appliances (e.g., coffee maker, mini fridge and televisions).

Students who live on-campus may only need a 5x5 storage unit, which provides enough space to store boxes, a desk and a chair. For students living off-campus or those who have more to store, consider a 5x10 unit. These larger units can accommodate bulkier items like a mattress or a full-size fridge, in addition to the items kept in a 5x5 unit.   

For added convenience, work with a vendor that offers self-storage valet services to safely transport your belongings to the storage facility. 

Self-Storage for Apartment Renters

Most apartments have limited space, and any excess belongings can make them appear even smaller. For renters, a small self-storage unit provides additional room to stow away items that won’t fit in the apartment, but are too valuable to throw or give away.  

Apartment tenants may want to consider storing the following items: 

  • Clothing.

  • Home goods.

  • Small appliances.

  • Small furniture (e.g., coffee tables, lamps and chairs). 

The right unit size will depend on the number of excess items the tenant needs to store. For example, someone with a few boxes of clothing and home goods would only require a 5x5 storage unit, while someone storing furniture and larger belongings might need a 5x10 unit.

Self-Storage for Businesses

Confidential files, such as employee records and tax documents, can pile up over time. To free up space and better organize your office, businesses can utilize a 5x5 or 5x10 unit to store sensitive documents, excess inventory and office supplies.

In addition, businesses should select a storage vendor that offers premium security storage units to ensure protection of sensitive information and peace of mind. When shopping around for a secured storage option, look for facilities with these features:  

  • Ample lighting.

  • Individual door alarms.

  • Passcode-protected entry gate.

  • 24-hour video surveillance.

For a business looking to store only a few boxes of files, a 5x5 storage unit should suffice. To accommodate larger items like seasonal furniture, equipment or inventory storage, businesses might consider a 5x10, 7.5x10 or even 10x10 unit. 

Small self-storage units can serve a variety of purposes. Less storage space is required in these situations, making a small-sized storage unit the ideal option.  

Are You In Need of a Small Self-Storage Unit?

Choosing a self-storage unit that is right for storing your valuables can be challenging. At Security Self Storage, we offer several amenities that are designed to make the decision a breeze. For more information, talk to a storage consultant, or receive a custom quote now.

How could you benefit from a small self-storage unit? Let us know in the comment section below.

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