The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items for Transport and Storage

The Best Way to Pack Fragile Items for Transport and Storage

During a move, there isn’t much worse than hearing the sound of a shatter.

Fragile items are the ones you worry about most as you pack, move or store. Each requires careful thought to keep them safe and sound as you transport them.

Packing materials matter, and in the case of your fragile valuables you want the best. Below, we share how to use three key materials to your items’ advantage.

1. Contain in Sturdy Boxes

Often, broken items result from transporting them in flimsy or damaged boxes, causing items to shift or fall out.

Start with a strong base. Invest in boxes that are thick, sturdy and easy to carry.

What does the perfect box look like? Consider thick cardboard or plastic containers that hold their structure and are not easily unhinged. For extra support, line edges and creases with packing tape.

2. Pack with Peanuts

Packing peanuts serve a variety of roles when moving fragile items –  primarily to fill empty space and add a layer of cushion to contents.

Their size and shape helps the individual peanuts stick together, to spill into even the tightest of spaces. This gives items something soft to hit against as boxes vibrate in travel on the road, or shift in your hands.  

3. Fill with Crushed Paper

Similar to peanuts, crushed paper fills in gaps for an added layer of protection. Fill in glasses, bowls and other hollowed out items for fuller packing that keeps items locked in place.

Less shifting means less danger an item will break as you move it.

As you select your paper of choice, once again consider sturdy materials that will not only crumple well, but hold their structure and give way a little to fill more space, such as newspaper.

Want Greater Piece of Mind? More Tips For Fragile Items

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What special considerations do you keep in mind as you pack fragile items? Share in the comment section below.

Image Credit: jesse ramirez via Unsplash

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