3 Tips for Transitioning to Assisted Living

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If someone you love is transitioning into an assisted living facility, you’re probably aware of how stressful this new journey can be. It’s often an uncomfortable process, rife with emotion. 

However, there are some strategies to ease these uncertainties and to help seniors feel comfortable during the move. We offer three key tips below.

1. Stay Organized

Moving in general can be a stressful, time-consuming process; it is considered to be in the top five most stressful life events. For seniors moving into assisted living, it can be especially difficult. Suddenly, there is much less space for a lifetime of belongings, and uncertainty about where all of those belongings will end up. 

Before moving, take inventory of all belongings, no matter how tedious the process. This will allow you to determine what can go with you to make the new space feel more like home. 

For the inevitable surplus of other items, however, consider a self-storage unit. When selecting a facility, choose a storage provider that has the safety of your items in mind. With amenities such as individual door alarms and climate-controlled units, your items will be properly protected.

2. Be Prepared for Financial or Health Changes

Depending on your loved one’s health, you may need to know specifically what the facility is capable of handling. For more severe cases, facilities can become very expensive. Make sure to plan out the costs of assisted living, and always leave extra space in the budget. 

Knowing ahead of time how much you will be paying for different services, such as self storage, can be helpful. If you or your loved one is considering self storage during this process, contact only reputable self-storage facilities and request quotes. This will help you properly allocate funds to your moving and self storage needs. 

3. Research Facilities Near You

When choosing where to store belongings throughout this journey, thoroughly research the offerings of your self-storage provider. You’ll want to review amenitiestalk to staff and visit the site before you choose to whom you will give your business. Not all self storage businesses run the same. Choose one that you feel respects your loved one’s belongings as much as you do.

In the end, this process will likely always be a stressful one. Regardless, there are certainly ways to make sure it is not any more painful than it has to be. By following some of these tips, you can avoid setbacks.

Have any other tips about the transition into assisted living? Share in the comments below. 

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