How Long Can Furniture Stay in Self-Storage?

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chest of drawers; a possible item to store

You want to preserve furniture items for as long as you can, but worry what might happen to them as they move out of sight, out of mind and into a storage unit.

Good news—much of the control is in your hands! How long a furniture item can be stored and remain in its current condition depends on two main factors—protection and selection:

  1. Item protection with the proper preservation techniques.
  2. Unit selection to match items with their best-fit environment.

Below find a few of our favorite posts from the Security Self Storage blog archives. Each highlights some of our best tips and tricks to protect, preserve and select as you prepare furniture items for their long-term storage stay.

Protect Furniture Pieces with Proper Preservation

Give your items a little TLC before you store. Clean pieces at start to avoid leaving residue or trapped moisture behind. 

How to protect and preserve a variety of material types, including upholstery, wood, plastic, leather, wool and silk:

Select Your Unit for Storage Success 

You know what you need to store, and it’s ready for its move to a temporary home. The next step is selecting a storage facility that meets the needs of your collection.

Keep an eye out for the features and conditions your items need to remain safe and in good condition: 

What steps will you take to protect and preserve furniture items for long-term storage? Share in the comment section below.

Image Source: Deb Nystrom under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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