What is a Climate-Controlled Unit? What Does It Look Like?

This post was originally published on May 2, 2013.

Clothes, documents, furniture and electronics—these are just a few of the items that can become damaged by humidity or moisture.

In a regular storage unit, humidity and moisture are difficult to manage and dependent on natural elements like summer heat and winter chill. Modern technology, however, allows you to take control.

Give your items the environment they need to survive with a climate-controlled unit.

How Does a Climate-Controlled Unit Work?

A climate-controlled storage unit will have a similar look and feel to any other unit on the property. You will be able to tell the difference, however, in the increased level of preservation a unit of this type provides to your items.

Storage unit providers use a variety of methods to maintain consistent humidity and temperature within climate-controlled units. They include:

  • An increased amount of insulation, programmable thermostats and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installation during the construction process, allowing for manipulation of the unit’s climate. 
  • Installation of double doors, like those made for restaurant coolers, to trap climate conditions.
  • Additional measures, such as rerouting of the entrance holes that result from plumbing or heating work, to decrease the amount of outlets and dust able to flow into your unit. The goal is to create as few entrances as possible to avoid unwelcome conditions or unit additions.

What Are the Benefits of Controlled-Climate Flow?

Increased amounts of moisture can leave clothes and furniture musty in odor. Electronics can malfunction, wood can warp, and documents can yellow in similar conditions.

Avoid this from becoming reality by storing your items in appropriate conditions for their material type.

Know your items and know how they will need to be stored to keep them in good condition for years to come.

Do I Need a Climate-Controlled Unit?

How will you know if you need a climate-controlled unit for your items? Try the put them to the garage test. Think for a moment about your items and if you would be comfortable storing them year-round in your garage.

If your answer is “yes,” then you’ll be pleased with storage in a regular storage unit. But if your answer is “no,” consider climate control as your self-storage solution of choice to ensure proper preservation.

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    Temperature controlled environment places are now in demand to climate change companies are focusing on temperature control units to make their product available for longer period of time before getting non-usable.
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    Taylor Bishop
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    Thanks for explaining why a climate-controlled unit can be beneficial. I'm glad that you still mentioned you should know how your items should be stored. This seems important especially if it could affect what kind of settings you have in climate-controlled units.

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