Keep it Secret: 6 Places to Store Your Valentine's Surprise

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valentine's day gift in need of a place to store to surpriseCupids, cards and collectibles—the season of red, white and pink has arrived as couples around the world celebrate love and togetherness.

This seasonal celebration builds up to its national holiday on February 14—when couples make a point to spend time together and often exchange tokens of affection in the form of small gifts. Once you’ve found the item that is just right for your Valentine, the next challenge is keeping it secret until the perfect moment arrives.

Below, we highlight a few hiding places that may provide secure storage options.

1. Find a Place in an Unused Room

Particularly relevant for newlyweds in a home big enough for a full family or recent empty nesters, extra rooms provide areas of opportunity.

Utilize excess closet space in rooms your significant other might not typically venture to keep items out of his or her line of sight.

2. Hide It Inside the Garage

Typically cluttered and full of items to begin with, place keepsakes in or around objects of similar size and color. Consider too existing storage solutions typically found in the average garage:

  • Inside a box or bin
  • Inside the tool box tray
  • Up high on a shelf

3. Move It Into On-site Storage

In a similar fashion to your garage, sheds and attics are other places where infrequently used items are stored. Unless there’s a very specific need, these areas are not commonly checked. Take a look at their current contents, and see if there’s an opportunity to hide your Valentine’s Day surprise in with the garden tools and antiques. 

4. Take it to Work With You

If your home doesn’t provide a good solution, you may need to take your gift to another location until the big day arrives. Unless you work with your significant other, your office desk, drawers or cabinets may be good options to avoid suspicion.

5. Keep it in Your Car

If you and your significant other drive separate vehicles, your car might be the option that makes the most sense.  The perfect location inside will be based on car type. For compact cars, the trunk will take the item out of sight and out of mind. For SUVs or vehicles with hatchback trunks that are easier to see inside, consider storage underneath one of the seats.

6. Bring it to Your Storage Unit

Currently renting a self-storage unit? This might be the location that he or she would never think to look!  Take your item to your unit after you purchase and wrap, and then pick it back up before the festivities begin.

What’s the most creative hiding spot for a gift you’ve ever come up with? Share in the comment section below.

Image Source: Priscila Darre under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic 


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