Make Room for Holiday Cheer: 5 Ways to Declutter Your Home

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holiday meal worth decluttering your home to eat to the fullestGhosts, goblins, turkeys, holiday trees and menorahs—festive and fun reasons to celebrate are upon us. The holidays bring good tidings, great meals and time spent surrounded by loved ones.

They also carry with them a need to re-evaluate how you currently use the space in your home to make room for holiday additions. Below, we share a few simple ways you can restructure existing space to house more people, decorations and holiday cheer.

1. Take Stock of the Kitchen

An overflowing holiday meal with your family’s finest recipes and stories shared over hot plates become the backdrop of lasting memories. Think about these meals and the memories you want to create. Then, work backward to prepare your kitchen. 

Start with the following tips:

  • Remove items that have ended up in the kitchen but are out of place.
  • Utilize counter space as an area for storage or placement of holiday platters.
  • Assess your pantry and refrigerator. Throw out old contents or items without use to make room for holiday recipe essentials.

2. Rethink Uses for Decoration Boxes

The holidays are a prime occasion to swap out standard décor items for ones full of festive charm. As you unload holiday supplies, don’t simply leave boxes empty and create additional clutter.

Swap out candlesticks for candlesticks, and tablecloth for tablecloth. Place standard décor items in the boxes of their seasonal counterparts. This will consolidate space and make it easy to switch back once the holidays pass.

3. Clean the Guest Bedroom

As family members come in from out of town, you may find yourself with a houseguest or two. Be sure your house will be ready for their stay. Clean and organize a dedicated guest room for their use, or rethink an empty space for extended stay possibilities. 

Clear out items that do not belong, such as excess bins and boxes, and replace with bathroom essentials and bedroom basics that will make your guests feel at home.  

4. Look for Room Under the Bed and In the Closet

The first place we choose to store excess is often in a closet or under the bed. This is also the first place we choose as a go-to for holiday gift storage! 

Take a look at these spaces, and assess what’s currently there. Look at it as an opportunity to re-evaluate those items. If there are items that you do not truly need, it may be the perfect time to donate. ‘Tis the season to give!

5. Store Spring and Summer Essentials 

Go room-to-room and group items in your mind by season. You’ll probably find all four seasons represented in many. Take this as a time to put spring and summer items away for a while. Whether it’s in a box in the garage, or in a self-storage solution, remove these items from prominent spaces in your home in favor of fall and winter basics.

How will you make extra room for the holidays? Share in the comment section below. 

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    Christmas is soon and all the family is going to come to my house and everything at home is in real chaos. Thanks a lot for the advices. They are really useful! Regards!

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