Self Storage for Cleveland Restaurants

Cleveland Restaurant StorageRestaurant owners and managers have unique responsibilities in addition to offering great food and keeping customers happy. Restaurant organization, business processes and managing costs are also key factors impacting the success of a restaurant.

Restaurant Storage Solutions

Self storage has proven an effective organization solution for a number of Cleveland-area restaurants looking to reduce clutter onsite, and better manage the daily and seasonal items they require to offer a high-quality dining experience.

The following provides an overview of key items restaurants can consider keeping in self storage when not in use:

  1. Seasonal Furniture– During the spring, summer and early fall, many diners prefer to enjoy cocktails and meals outdoors on a restaurant patio. But, when the weather turns and the snow starts to fall, restaurants must protect their expensive patio furniture from the elements. Restaurants lacking storage space onsite can turn to self storage to maximize space at the restaurant while keeping their tables, chairs and umbrellas in top condition.

    Self storage is also a great solution for storing excess indoor furniture, such as bar stools, tables, chairs and couches. Keep in mind that climate-controlled storage is the best solution for storing any fabric materials, such as couches or even cushions for outdoor furniture Climate control helps to ensure your items are not exposed to moisture, and can prevent them from smelling musty over time.

  2. Holiday Decorations – An important part of making customers feel welcomed and comfortable is decorating your restaurant according to the season. Christmas trees, scarecrows, flower vases and more all require space when not in use. With a self storage unit, restaurant managers can store and organize holiday decorations according to their requirements, such as utilizing shelving within the unit, or stacking boxes by category, all while saving space onsite.
  3. Files and Documents – Restaurants often have to maintain hard copies of receipts, food and drink purchase orders, employee records, and more. Years’ worth of documents and files are easy to misplace, and can create clutter over time. With climate-controlled document storage, restaurants have the space necessary to store their documents, with the ability to organize files according to a system that works for easy retrieval.
  4. Extra Inventory and Supplies – Many times, restaurants will purchase supplies and materials, from extra pots and pans, to buffet chafing dishes and Restaurant Wine Storagenon-perishable food items, in bulk to experience a cost savings. When onsite storage is limited, self storage can provide the space needed to store these items when they are not in use.
  5. Wine Storage – Modern self storage has evolved tremendously, and now includes niche storage solutions, including wine storage. Restaurants can now consider offsite temperature- and humidity-controlled wine storage for excess wine inventory, at an affordable monthly rate. This ensures wine can be stored at optimum conditions, versus keeping wine in a basement or closet until needed.

Controlling Costs With Self Storage

An additional benefit of self storage is the predictable monthly cost that comes with renting a storage unit or wine cabinet. Restaurant owners and managers concerned with monthly income and expenses can gain peace of mind knowing what their storage costs will be, without any surprises.

In addition, some storage companies will provide value-added services, such as package delivery acceptance and complimentary moving services. Be sure to ask potential providers about additional perks that come with your lease, to help ensure you reap the full range of benefits self storage offers.

Are you a restaurant owner or manager currently using self storage? Tell us about your experiences, and the benefits you’ve experienced.

Security Self Storage proudly works with dozens of restaurants in the Cleveland area. Please contact us if you are interested in learning about self storage for your business.

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