4 Items that Benefit Most from Climate-Controlled Storage

4 Items that Benefit Most from Climate-Controlled Storage

Did you know that high or low temperatures, along with high humidity, are the leading causes of damage to your stored items? While closets, attics, basements and garages are great for those that can withstand varying temperatures and moisture levels, there are certain items that need some extra TLC when it comes to storage.

Consider a storage unit with climate-controlled features to protect the following valuables that are most prone to conditional damage.

1. Important Documents

Many of the documents you currently have put away could benefit from a climate-controlled environment. These sometimes irreplaceable documents will potentially yellow or break down if stored in moist or wet conditions. Whether personal or sentimental, store with care. Consider:

Tip: Use plastic sheets to encase important documents for added protection.

2. Valuable Electronics

When it comes to storing electronics, temperature should be kept between 50-75*F. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can damage parts of the device. It’s also critical to store items in low humidity, avoiding basements, attics or garages.

  • Computers and accompanying components

  • Gaming systems

  • Stereo or audio equipment

  • TVs—most importantly LCD or plasma flat-screens

Tip: Store (and move) all equipment in an upright position to protect internal systems.

3. Home Furnishings

Avoid varying temperatures and humidity with a climate-controlled storage unit to maintain your favorite pieces’ conditions, and keep them from warping, discoloring or cracking, or to keep fabric from smelling musty.

Tip: Having trouble parting with a piece of furniture? Take our simple “Store It or Sell It” quiz to help you decide.

4. Clothing

You invest a lot in your wardrobe, so store it properly to make your favorite pieces last. The best solution to keep clothes safe from damage is to store clothing in a climate-controlled area like a storage unit. By doing so, you’ll prevent issues related to mold, mildew or insects.

Tip: For added freshness, consider placing a dryer sheet in between individual items or stacks of items while you pack.

When In Doubt, Store It

Items of any kind that you truly love and value are worth protecting. Remember the added benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit to keep your belongings in great condition, year-round.

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